Meet All Electrical Regulations With Our House Wiring Services in and Around Hammond, LA

A home’s wiring system has a significant impact on the way you live. Although you can’t see the wires behind your walls and ceiling, they always deliver electricity to all your appliances. At G&R Professional Services, we have ten years of experience providing house wiring services to meet regulations and ensure that your house is a safe place to live.

Faulty electrical systems can lead to electrocution or injury; that’s why you should rely on experts for your wiring or rewiring projects.

Dependable House Rewiring Services

Rewiring a house is better when you trust the experts

Some old homes don’t have the capacity to handle the latest appliances; also, older wires can be corroded and cause potentially dangerous problems. For that reason, our experts recommend doing a whole house rewire.

You can also count on us if you want to start a new construction or renovation project. We can wire your property from scratch or replace your current wire to update it.

Keep Your Home Updated! 

We follow all the regulations

Your home, no matter when it was first constructed, should be a safe place to live. Consequently, you need to ensure that your house wiring systems are up to date and following all the regulations. Our team in the Hammond, LA area, strives to provide you with the necessary recommendations to make the rewiring process more efficient. We also offer wiring services for new constructions! Call our experts at (985) 218-3669.

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Get installations or repairs on any electrical appliance in your home or business.

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Protect your home or business's operations from power outages.


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Update the wiring system of your property and ensure an energy-efficient consumption.

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Decrease the risk of fires and prepare your home for solar power systems.

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Learn about our annual plan and start enjoying its benefits while saving money.

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