Update Your Property in the Hammond, LA Area by Getting an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Breaker boxes are not a component that is not in our top of mind because they are usually hidden. Nevertheless, they can get outdated and turn into a source of danger. Getting an electrical panel upgrade can reduce the risks of fire. Our technicians in and around Hammond, LA, ensure to use the right tools to follow all regulations. Some benefits of these procedures include:

  • Power without fluctuations
  • Adding extra circuits during the upgrade
  • Ensuring the safety of your loved ones and your assets

Replace Your Electrical PanelĀ 

Upgrade your breaker box in no time

In need of panel upgrades? We have ten years of experience in the field and guarantee you’ll get exceptional results. Our team has perfected their techniques to work with square D connections and GE panels. By working with G&R Professional Services, you can also take advantage of our sub panel upgrade service to turn your property into a safer place. Our technicians will make a quick inspection of the system before deciding the best course of action. We ensure that you are part of the process to guarantee you get exactly what you need.

Get an Electrical Upgrade Today!

Connect your home to a solar power system

An electrical panel upgrade is not only for people who want to ensure their property is safe from fires. It is also ideal for someone who is getting ready to connect a solar power system. Our experienced technicians in Hammond, LA, and the surrounding areas offer a hassle-free way to schedule our services. Get in touch with us and request more information. Call (985) 218-3669.

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